In 2013 Tom & Lucy Green purchased the 600 acre farm a few miles south of Collierville that is now named Mallard's Croft.  In Scotland, croft means small farm.  Their first project on the farm was to renovate a ramshackled barn into an event center for weddings and parties.  They held their first wedding in the barn in the January 2014.

Professionally, Tom has been reclaiming & reusing materials from old buildings for decades (for more info visit ).  His first project at thirteen was helping his dad demolish and recycle the materials from a church in his hometown of West Point, MS.  Since then, he has reclaimed materials from buildings in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Mississippi.  Reclaimed antique wood and materials were used in the restoration of all of the buildings at Mallard's Croft.  

Lucy (Wittichen) Green has lived in the Memphis area her entire life.  She and Tom have three college-aged daughters that love to hunt.  Lucy coordinates duck hunting bookings and is the chef for the duck hunting breakfasts.

Their second project at Mallard's Croft was to create a small cottage near the barn.  This is typically where brides and their bridesmaids dress and spend time before a wedding.  It is also available for overnight stays (when events are not being held in the barn). 

The farm also has a 7 bedroom/5 bath Farmhouse.  When events are not scheduled in the barn, the entire house is available for board meetings, family reunions, or a weekend getaway.  This is also where hunters stay overnight prior to a hunt.  Click here for photos of the farmhouse and cottage.

The duck preserve was added in 2014.  It is built on low lying lakes and cypress trees that Tom added to the 600 acres.  There are 3 duck blinds that can accommodate up to 18 hunters per morning.  We begin each season by releasing more than 4,000 ducks in May.  This ensures that the ducks are flying wild by October 1.  We plant and maintain a variety of different crops and grasses to hold the ducks throughout the year.   

We also have an event venue in Oxford, MS near the University of Mississippi.  Click here to learn more about The Jefferson.