Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the hunt prices?

  • $250 Drive in with a 4 bird limit
  • $365 Overnight with a 4 bird limit

2. Can I shoot more than 4 birds?

  • Yes, each additional bird is $35

3. What's included in the price?

  • Drive in--- Breakfast following the hunt
  • Overnight--- Hearty Dinner, Accommodation, and Breakfast following the hunt

4. What time do I arrive?

  • Drive in-- 1 hour before sunrise 
  • Overnight-- 3 pm check in and 7 pm dinner

5. Can I come and watch (not hunt)?

  • Drive in  without shooting - $100 with breakfast  
  • Overnight without shooting - $200 with accommodations, dinner and breakfast

6. What do I need to submit before the hunt?

7. What do I need to bring?

  • Gun
  • Completed forms & permit
  • Ammunition--one box of 25 #5 or smaller. #2/#4 preferred. NO lead shot
  • Waders or hip boots
  • Mask
  • A cooler to carry your ducks home
  • Your retriever (optional)

8. What does a Preserve shooting license cost?

  • $15.00 plus $1.35 processing fee total $16.35

9. Where do I purchase a preserve license?

10. Do I need a federal stamp?

  • No, you do not need a federal or state stamp 

11. When are the hunts?

  • Tuesday mornings and Saturday mornings. Special group hunt dates are available 

12. When are the hunt forms due?

  • Your forms may be scanned and emailed in to us.  They are due by Saturday for a Tuesday hunt and by Thursday for a Saturday hunt.

13. How many total hunters will there be per hunt?

  • 18 is the maximum number

14. Do I have to hunt in a group?

  • No

15. What type of hunting can I expect?

  • Timber and field holes.  We have two blinds that are accessible with just muck boots

16. Will there be other hunters in my blind?

  • No, if your group is 4 or more.

17. How many blinds do you have?

  • 3

18. How many hunters will be in each blind?

  • Maximum of 6 hunters in each blind.

19. Who cleans the ducks?

  • There is a cleaning station available.  With advance notice, we can arrange for someone to be present after the hunt to clean birds for $4 per bird.

20. What are the overnight accommodations like?

  • There are 7 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms in the Farmhouse that accommodate up to 27 people.  The cottage sleeps up to 2 people in 1 queen bed.  Click here for photos of both houses.