"I heard that Tom Green, a long-time friend, was creating a duck preserve in North Mississippi where people could have a great duck hunting experience. In 2014, the initial year of operation, I began taking kids and adults who were not experienced duck hunters as well as some of my duck hunting buddies to Mallard's Croft. All I have heard from my friends were positive comments. It’s been a great place to take clients from the Memphis area and from out of town and show them a great duck hunt similar to those duck hunts in Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta but consistent as far as the duck population. The most enjoyable is to take kids on a great duck hunt and see their faces light up when they kill their first mallard.  I would recommend Mallard Croft to anyone interested in a positive experience in duck hunting."

Gene Stallings, CPA  January 2016

"Tom Green has done amazing job with Mallard's Croft.  I've known Tom for 25 years and I will tell you everything he does in first class.  Do yourself a favor and get with your buddies and or take your kids for an unforgettable experience."

Marty Roberts, Owner Sporting Life Kennels, Oxford, MS   January 2015